The high performance coffee

if you are looking for a craft coffee, with directed traded coffee beans from Columbia that gives you consistent energy with only natural ingredients and also with a smooth, great taste, then you are exactly right on our website, Welcome! So far we provide our coffee in three different ways, let's have a look:

The Coffee Bag

-> The Coffee Bag for your adventure tour
-> on the go
-> in every situation for you available
-> only thing you need is hot water and a cup
-> you brew your own coffee
-> always fresh and best quality

The Whole Bean

-> developed for your full automatic coffee machine or portalfilter when you are your own barista
-> you can grind your coffee on your own

The Coffee Capsule

-> you can use the Powerbean capsule on your Nespresso machine


POWERBEAN is a high performance coffee!

We drink usually 3-4 cups of coffee a day (by the way this is the average in the USA and also for example in Germany), but at the end of the day we are feeling bad and we have no energy left. 

So we tried to developed a coffee that gives us:

  1. more consistent energy
  2. only natural ingredients for a more healthier coffee
  3. a very high quality and a smooth, great taste

…and here we have it -> POWERBEAN.

We can infuse to our whole coffee beans ANY NATURAL ingredient!

Our first ingredient is YERBA MATE, let’s go to „ingredients“ and read more about it.

Team PowerBean

A mix of 4 people to make the best out of POWERBEAN

Max M. & Daniel F.

the ones who get things done international Team, one side from California and the other one from Germany, to be able to operate worldwide and get their passion to the people...

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